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Lacie Delgado Introduces everyBODY ‘s Studio

  • Pilates Equipment Classes

  • Mat Pilates/Roller and Barre Classes

  • Individual Sessions Available​​

  • Pilates Teacher Training

  • Early Morning / Saturday and Evening Classes Offered​

           -Yoga ​workshops




everyBODY ‘s studio is the path to movement, strength and flexibility for everyBODY. We specialize in teaching body awareness and mindfulness so “everyBODY” can achieve overall wellness by connecting their body, mind, and breath through proper movement. Family owned and operated in an environment inspired by community and healing.


Meet The Team

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Lynne MacNeill 


Bridgette Lundy



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Hears what our clients have to say

I was so happy to find everyBODY Pilates & Yoga while vacationing in Bonita Springs and would highly recommend this studio! Lacie, Kim and Jen are extremely knowledgeable, helpful and friendly and Cheyenne is very efficient and organized with booking classes. Congratulations on creating such a welcoming space!!

Jill Eliadis

Toronto, Canada

This is more than a Pilates's a place that cares.  
I have been going to everyBODY Pilates for about 6 months and accidentally  hurt my hip while doing something else. When I had to cancel several classes, the owner, Lacie, called me personally to ask about my hip.  She was concerned and had me come in so that she might figure out how to help me. She is so intuitive and has a real gift for seeing the problem. She gave me exercises and a roller and ball to take home to start my own therapy. I am so much better now and can't say enough good things about Lacie and her studio.  It's definitely the best one around!

Susan Steinberg

Waterloo, NY

I've been looking for a Pilates studio that has the reformer machine and also has night classes that fit with my work schedule in and out of season.. and it looks like I finally found it!! Not only do they have night classes but the teachers are really awesome and give great individualized support.

Natalie Mathews

Torrance, CA

I have never been one to exercise but I find the expert teachers here have helped me tremendously. I feel better, have better posture and notice I have more muscle definition.  I have also learned a lot about my core and the importance into older age. I am now 66 and when I started had big problems with my neck and shoulder. I could not even brush my hair, all from sleeping in a bad position. Lacie, the owner helped me with the assistance of a roller bar and wow what a difference that made. I really feel better after every class and think this is the best place with true education and proper movement. You will not be disappointed. Worth every penny...we spend money on a lot of products and make up/hair etc to look better and the best money spent is right here for your health. When you feel better you look better!

Vickee Douglas

Bonita Springs, FL

I have been taking Yoga class from Lacie for about two years. She is so dedicated to teaching every student. She often knows just what kind of workout you need before you do! I just started jump board class. It is so much fun and really makes you feel great!

Theresa Whalen

Bonita Springs, FL

Lacie and Pilates have helped me get relief from lower back problems of long standing. She has devised a Pilates maintenance program designed to keep me active. As importantly, when my back is really hurting, it's Lacie who intervenes...and helps.

Terry Voorhees

Bonita Springs, FL

In the time that I have been with Lacie I have become much more aware of my body and its potential. At the beginning of each session I am asked, “How's your body today?” That brings my focus to my practice and how my body can and will respond. These are professional women who lead me through a workout that is created just for me and my body on that particular day. Bravo!

Kay Sobelewski

Bonita Springs, FL

Lacie, the major demo at everyBODY Pilates & Yoga, is the best I have ever seen or worked with. As a retired physician, I have worked with and observed many, many therapists and re-hab people and trainers and she is the best I have ever known. Her knowledge and attention to detail and her clients’ performance are unmatched. She’s the best!! 

Todd Clopper

Bonita Springs, FL

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