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EveryBODY Pilates studio provides Group reformer Classes, Private and Duet sessions. Healing the Body, Mind and Spirit with Strength, Movement and Flexibility. Using the fundamentals from Joseph Pilates combined with the gifted talents and knowledge of Lacie Delgado. "I am Teaching a feeling and mind body awareness, it is so much more than a fitness or exercise class  it's a way of life!" Lacie Delgado.

Lacie firmly believes that Pilates is accessible to everyone and is committed to sharing its transformative benefits. Pilates, originally called "Contrology" by its creator Joseph Pilates, is a comprehensive exercise system that utilizes specialized equipment and mat exercises to enhance physical strength, flexibility, posture, and mental awareness. Lacie's approach to Pilates is deeply rooted in Joseph Pilates' teachings and principles.

Our Memberships

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