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Yoga Class

Tuesday Morning Yoga at Shangri- La

Yoga | Workshops

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Meditation - Open Level - The guided meditations are intuitive and experiential using the frequency and vibrations of the hand pan, healing bowls, flutes, drumming, etc. These tangible and penetrating sound works miracles!

Yoga 4 everyBODY - Open Level - Slow flow vinyasa, yin yoga and restorative mix. Open your hearts, hips and minds. Slow mindful asana good for everyBODY type. Mindful meditations.

Slow Flow - Open Level - Take it slow with this gentle, approach to Vinyasa Yoga. This practice links poses to breath building inner strength, and opening. You will learn to unleash the potential on how to link breath to movement.

 Beginner and Chair Yoga - Mixed Level - Uses a chair as a prop for support, balance, or advancing the pose as appropriate for each student. A series of options are given for each posture to allow students to find the optimal balance between support and challenge to meet them where they are at the moment. This class will include an exploration of alignment, strength, balance, flexibility, breath, and relaxation. All are welcome to this class. No Yoga experience needed.

Vinyasa Flow - Intermediate/Advanced Level - Vinyasa translates as "the union between breath and movement" or "one breath, one movement", a combination of yoga postures and breath work put together as a continuous but never rushed flow. It will help you build or increase strength, flexibility and balance, leaving your body energized but centered and your mind peaceful and present.

55 min. class

Up to 17 People

Package & Workshop Options

1     |     $26

4     |     $99

8     |     $181

12   |     $247

16   |     $297

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