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Lacie Delgado

Educated and Highly Gifted instructor in teaching everyBODY Mind Body Connection

EveryBODY studio provides Pilates Group Classes, Private and Duet sessions, Healing the Body, Mind and Spirit with Strength, Movement and Flexibility. Using the fundamentals from Joseph Pilates combined with the gifted talents and knowledge of Lacie Delgado. "I am teaching a feeling and mind body awareness,  it is so much more than a fitness or exercise class it's a way of life" "Let your body be your teacher, I will be your guide"  Lacie firmly believes that Pilates is accessible to everyone and is committed to sharing its transformative benefits to students, clients and fellow instructors . Pilates, originally called "Contrology" by its creator Joseph Pilates, is a comprehensive exercise system that utilizes specialized equipment and mat exercises to enhance physical strength, flexibility, posture, and mental awareness. Lacie's approach to Pilates is deeply rooted in Joseph Pilates' teachings and principles.

Joseph Pilates developed his exercise method with a focus on controlling the body, believing that poor health was a result of bad posture and inefficient breathing. During World War I, Pilates was interned in a camp for Germans in Great Britain, where he refined his exercise system using minimal equipment. Following his release, he applied his techniques to help rehabilitate war-injured soldiers who were bedridden. When Pilates immigrated to the United States, he brought his practice with him, and it has since gained popularity worldwide.

Lacie Delgado began her Pilates journey in her early twenties. She initially aspired to become a professional dancer but had to abandon her dreams due to cervical spine and knee injuries at the age of 17. Seeking solace in an activity reminiscent of dance, she turned to yoga, which provided some relief. However, as her spinal injuries worsened after becoming a mother, she realized the need for a different form of exercise.

Lacie recalled her first Pilates class, confessing, "I distinctly remember trying my first Pilates class, and to be honest, I didn't enjoy it at all." It was only when she met her mentor and fellow instructor, Traci Black, that Lacie discovered the true healing potential of Pilates. Gradually, the practice transformed her well-being, offering respite from her injuries. Today, armed with her personal journey, Lacie utilizes her expertise to help students of all ages in their healing process.

In most Pilates classes at EveryBODY, a combination of apparatus and mat exercises is incorporated, with the Reformer being the most well-known piece of equipment. The core, spine, and deep inner abdominal muscles are given significant emphasis. As an instructor, Lacie Delgado imparts the three fundamental principles of Pilates: mind, body, and breath, as espoused by Joseph Pilates. These elements work together to facilitate proper movement and body alignment. Lacie's teaching approach focuses on cultivating body awareness, enabling individuals to understand their bodies, the reasons behind their actions, and avenues for improvement. She caters to a diverse clientele, including golfers, full-time moms, and entrepreneurs, customizing her instruction to meet their unique needs.

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Lacie Delgado

" Your body is your teacher, let me be your guide"


Joseph Pilates

Joseph Pilates, a visionary and innovator, created the Pilates method, originally known as Contrology. Born in Germany in 1883, Pilates developed a mind-body fitness system that focused on integrating physical exercises, mental focus, and breath control. His approach, which emphasized the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit, gained popularity among dancers and performers in New York City. Pilates' method incorporated unique equipment like the Pilates Reformer and Cadillac, and it emphasized proper posture, alignment, and core strength. Today, Pilates is practiced worldwide, offering a versatile and effective fitness solution for individuals of all ages and fitness levels. Joseph Pilates' holistic approach and innovative exercises continue to inspire and transform the lives of countless individuals.

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