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Featured Yoga Instructor and Classes

9am - Tuesday/Thursday @Shangri-la | (Jennifer at Shangri-la)

Jennifer Colucci has worked in the healing arts field since  

the 90’s. As a Massage Therapist of 25 years, a Yoga practitioner for 12 years and an International Yoga Retreat leader for almost  a decade, Jennifer has the experience to assist others towards well-being. Jennifer has studied abroad in India, Thailand, and  Costa Rica continuing to pursue her passion for the healing arts.


Using Thai pressure points and range of motion techniques,  

Jennifer has a unique ability to manipulate the body to create  better alignment and freedom from injury and pain. Jennifer is a  500-hour ERYT Hatha Yoga Teacher and incorporates Yoga  Therapy into her repertoire of tools to assist clients based on  personal and customized needs.


Yoga Therapy sessions consists of Jennifer taking an inventory  of her clients’ needs and then developing a set of Yogic stretches and exercises to open, align  and strengthen the body. Whether you need more flexibility and energy or are healing from a  specific injury, Jennifer can take you on the table and or mat to assist you into greater  possibility. 


Upcoming Retreats

Join Everybody Pilates & Awakening Through Synergy For PIYO in Puerto Rico

Lacie and Jennifer, with their extensive background in education and experience, specialize in providing holistic healing for the Mind, Body, and Spirit. Through practices such as movement and meditation, they are dedicated to elevating the class experience in both Pilates and Yoga.

For a long time, Puerto Rico has been a destination that both Lacie and Jennifer have yearned to explore. Situated conveniently close to Southwest Florida, this island boasts a vibrant culture with delicious cuisine, captivating dance, and awe-inspiring natural wonders like rainforests, waterfalls, and breathtaking landscapes, making it an ideal locale for wellness.

Join us for an immersive 5-day, 4-night wellness retreat called "PIYO in Puerto Rico," hosted at the holistic Casa Alternavida resort, just a short 30-minute drive from San Juan International Airport. We'll take care of your transportation to and from the airport, as well as provide three nutritious meals each day. Our retreat will commence with an energizing Fire Ceremony, followed by daily Pilates and Yoga sessions led by either Lacie or Jennifer. Additionally, you'll have the opportunity to explore the natural beauty of the northeast coast beaches and embark on an adventure in El Yunque Rainforest. The week will conclude with a serene Cacao Circle, leaving you rejuvenated and enriched with unforgettable experiences.

Join us on this unforgettable and transformative journey to revitalize your Mind, Body, and Spirit at "PIYO in Puerto Rico."

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Lacies Recommendations for Yoga/massage/Physical therapy/energy workers 

Event Calendar has a number of amazing yoga instructors :

Lisa Decker

Tess Chiodo

Kim Quan 

More challenging yoga class 

Cesar Rois

Amy Lucky - Astanga

Wide range of talents from Amazing food- Pilates Chair- Fascia release

Tania  Melkonian

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