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Tania Melkonian
Tania Melkonian
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Tania Melkonian

     Tania has been a certified group fitness instructor and personal trainer for over ten years.  She started out teaching Mugendo-style kickboxing and folkloric dance. She fell into Pilates by accident.  Having been a yoga teacher and practitioner for several years, Tania was well established in that community.  Despite feeling very connected to the practice of yoga as a teacher and as a student, unlike others who are drawn to yoga she is not particularly flexible or loose ligament wise.


     Once encountering the Pilates method, she found in it - particularly with use of the equipment - a unique bolstering effect.  The springs on the apparatus take away some of the force of gravity allowing space for someone without a lot of organic flexibility to tap into strength and move with grace and levity.  She was hooked and loves helping practitioners find their connection to the method and retraining their bodies to move efficiently and fully. 


     She teaches dance fitness, mat, and equipment Pilates as well as various formats of yoga fascia Release and Yin. For which she trained extensively with Tom Myers and Paul Grilley, respectively. Both leaders in the area of functional anatomy and fascia science.  As a Yoga Alliance ERYT (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher) she teaches Human anatomy and bio-mechanics to yoga teachers in training.


     Tania, a trained Chef and Nutritionist, writes about, advocates for and teaches healthy cooking and eating in the culinary education classes she leads. 


Check out her website www.Eatomology.com