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Lisa Decker

     Lisa stumbled into her first yoga class almost 30 years ago and was totally in awe of the practice. Continuing to teach traditional fitness classes while squeezing in one yoga class per week she noticed how she began to yearn for that one hour each week. Slowly letting go of all the other fitness classes she taught and focused solely on yoga.


     It was after her second child, Lisa sustained a disc injury in her lower back. The injury progressed to the point that her spine slipped, spondylolisthesis, and trapped the sciatic nerves.  She was told she would be in a wheelchair if she didn’t have surgery to release the nerves so spinal fusion ensued. After doing well for 14 years, at which time she developed arachnoiditis, an extremely painful and oftentimes debilitating condition of the nerves in my lower back. She slowly began to improve and started to reintroduce yoga back into her daily life.


     Lisa understands injury, pain, loss of function and the long road back to recovery, and she also understands the grit and determination it takes to travel that road! As a Registered Nurse with her primary experience being cardiac she quickly realizing after graduating nursing school that she much preferred wellness over illness and has always been a big proponent of taking care of your body.


     Namaste’ ~ I recognize the light in me and I honor the light in you!

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