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Lacie Delgado

     Originally from Salt Lake City, UT. Lacie had been a Florida resident for over 12 years. Busy Mom of 3 beautiful kids. Her background in dance ultimately led her to teaching Pilates, yoga and other forms of mind body activity. 


     As a young teen suffering from a number of injuries, most severe to the cervical spine and knee. Dancing was no longer an option, Lacie was determined to find something to fill that void. Yoga became her first form of physical, mental and emotional relief. After her first child was born she began to suffer from lumbar pain. Diving deeper into yoga she became certified to teach yoga along with a number of other fitness classes. Lacie began her career with the Bonita/Naples YMCA. Yoga was some relief from the daily pain, it was just not enough. Her aches, pains and injuries were still surfacing. After her second child was born she was introduced to Traci Black and "true" Classical Pilates. Traci not only became her mentor and friend but also her family. Traci brought out a gift in Lacie… the rest is history.


     "After only one day of teacher training I was hooked, almost obsessed with Joseph Pilates.” I felt an Instant connection to Joseph Pilates.


     Pilates has changed my life. I now live Mind Body Wellness through my deep awareness and understanding of how the body should work and feel. It is my feeling that I am meant to help others find this awareness so that they may also gain some relief from pain. "

Lacie's background along with her many certifications and workshop studies, has given her important qualities when teaching Pilates. Her dance background gave her a keen eye for body movement with emphasis on proper technique to avoid injury. Her Yoga background has been instrumental in teaching the connection between movement and breath work. Her injuries have given her the ability to empathize with others, using her own setbacks in life to understand and help others.

     "Let me be your guide, your body is your teacher"

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