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Kelly Myers

     Kelly is a certified practitioner of Esoteric Healing and the founder of BioExpansion. Originally from Michigan, Kelly has lived in Estero, FL for 27 years.


     Kelly is a “Spiritual Architect” helping individuals build a bridge from their Personality body to their Soul body which is the super highway to freedom! Kelly trained with Dr. Barbara Briner and has studied Esoteric Healing for 9 years.


     She also is a professional member of The National Association of Esoteric Healing. Kelly found her calling to be of service at a local therapeutic riding center where she served for six years. Kelly offers Esoteric Healing treatments as well as guided meditations. 


     Stay tuned for new Ho’Oponopono Forgiveness Prayer sessions in February 2021. To learn more call 239-898-1919 or visit www.bioexpansioncom.

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