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Jessica Pink

     Hello, I’m Jessica, a selfcare enthusiast Pilates instructor and massage therapist with a passion for solving problems and helping people achieve their wellness goals. 


     My approach is results driven, helping both wellness and beauty minded clients alike. Best known for my abilities to listen, treat and educate, my treatment style is often described as “thorough” with a strong focus on blending deep tissue and relaxation techniques. 


     Becoming a massage therapist seemed a natural decision on my own path to wellness but, in 2011 tragedy forever changed how I saw my role on the paths of others. It was the Sunday after Thanksgiving when I received the call: someone I loved was involved in a horrific accident that had left them paralyzed. 


     Although there was more than 2,000 miles between us, I knew I had to be by their side. So, without hesitation, I bought a one way ticket and packed a bag... Over the next several weeks I became fully immersed in the treatment of spinal cord injuries and an integral part in the healing process. It was during those weeks my eyes were opened to the effects of inhibited nerve pathways on muscle tissue and how massage could help.


     Upon my return home, I dove head first into studying and applying numerous modalities and techniques to aid in pain management, increase mobility and strengthen the mind body connection. I soon began collaborating with a spinal cord injuries rehabilitation center, which offered many enriching challenges and rewards. 


    Over the last decade I have trained in Thai yoga massage, myoskeletal alignment, acupressure/reflexology, cryo and contrast therapies. Recently, I completed a body contouring massage training and, am currently deepening my practice with yoga teacher training and case studies. 


     Outside of the treatment room I am an artist and seasoned art instructor that loves painting the serene and stormy southwest Florida skies. 

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