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Jane Carroo

I'm a walking kaleidoscope of career and educational experiences all culminating
in an endeavor to cultivate peace and passion.

Practicing various forms of yoga for many years, I felt something was missing.
When I came across Yoga Nidra, I found the missing link for me. It’s the most
deeply relaxing experience and easy way to reboot the mind and body.
Seeking peace, I became a Certified Yoga Nidra Instructor and later completed
Advanced Yoga Nidra Training and Certification from the Amrit Yoga Institute. 

Being passionate about dance, I trained to become a Certified JourneyDance
Guide. This free form way of movement creates connection to your essence,
enables creative self-expression, and enhances communication with oneself and

Now, I am honored to share meaningful ways for people to bring peace and
passion to their lives by connecting to their essence.

Jane’s background as a Life Coach, Certified Professional Organizer, Author and
Educator brings a multi-dimensional experience to everything she does.  During
her quest to find balance and peace, she found Yoga Nidra to be the practice she
was seeking to sustain her lifestyle and deepen her life experience. When Jane
found JourneyDance, it expanded her energy, vibrancy, and passion for living. 

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