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Yoga Classes


Yoga for everyBODY/Yoga Fascia Release - Open Level - slow flow vinyasa, yin yoga and restorative mix. Open your hearts, hips and minds. Slow mindful asana good for everyBODY type. Mindful meditations.

Gentle Yoga - Open Level - ideal for those who are new to the experience of Yoga, but also for the seasoned students looking for a well paced, calming practice. Basic yoga poses, alignment, and breath work are explored in a slower and accessible pace. This class will relieve stress and promote a sense of deep relaxation, while still providing physical exercise.

Vinyasa Flow - Intermediate/Advanced Level - Vinyasa translates as "the union between breath and movement" or "one breath, one movement", a combination of yoga postures and breath work put together as a continuous but never rushed flow. It will help you build or increase strength, flexibility and balance, leaving your body energized but centered and your mind peaceful and present.

Strength & Mobility - Intermediate Level - sequences when combined properly can help in the process of reducing restrictions within the body by increasing the range of motion to a degree that is natural and safe for each individual In this class, you will be shown sequences designed to build "Strenght/Stability" by using different props like foam rollers, blocks, or even unexpected items like paper plates or paper towels. We will finish the class with some mobility sequences that will get your body feeling settled, refreshed, and energized.

60 min. class

Up to 8 People