Chanel Winter

     Chanel Winter has been in the dance and fitness industry for nearly 20 years, having studied more than 25 different styles of dance and movement throughout the U.S. and around the world.  


     Over the last 8 years, she has furthered her study of movement in Yoga, Pilates Mat, various fitness styles and personal training. In 2016 she created BalancePRO, which has been an exclusive in-demand class at private communities in SWFL.  


     Previously, Chanel has owned a dance studio, taught collegiate level dance, spent a month in the kinesiology department at The Australian Ballet in Melbourne, Australia, and assisted with balance training at the International Association of Dance Medicine and Science Conference.  


     In addition, she has been a corporate trainer, enhancing creativity and productivity through neuroscience and movement.  Chanel has been educating about essential oils for 5 years, look for educational events offered at EveryBODY Pilates.  She's passionate about staying active and creating healthy habits to live your best life!